Rail transport is a cheap, smart and environmentally friendly alternative for transporting goods. We develop our own rail connections, e.g. from China, Italy, to the Nordic countries and Poland, and we also use a huge network of rail connections dedicated to the transport of goods in Europe and Asia.


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Rail transport of goods

Rail transport is an alternative to sea and air transport, especially over long distances, e.g. from China, but also from southern Europe.

We have our own branches in many European countries and around the world, thanks to which we can provide competitive and intelligent solutions in the field of rail freight transport. We use a network of rail connections in Europe and Asia, delivering loads with due regularity and high predictability.

Railway forwarding

Rail forwarding is a logistic solution that works very well in transporting large and heavy loads over long distances.

We offer transport services of full container loads (FCL), general cargo (LCL, LTL), full truck loads (FTL), transport with constant and adjustable temperature, as well as lockable wagons.