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We are represented with our own office and highly professional staff with long logistic experience in the United Kingdom. We offer seamless transport solutions by sea, road and air from and to the rest of Europe.

Transport to and from the United Kingdom

We are ready to provide you with comprehensive and reliable logistics solutions, helping you move your goods efficiently between the UK and Poland, and other countries. We deliver and collect goods in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. With our location close to London we offer seamless freight, import or export services to and from the UK by:

  • Sea freight
  • Road freight
  • Air freight
  • Multimodal solutions
  • Customs services
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Road transport to and from the United Kingdom

We offer direct road freight connections between Poland, continental Europe, and the UK. Our extensive network of routes ensures efficient transit and timely deliveries, whether your cargo is originating in Poland or any other European country.

Road transport from Poland to the UK involves a journey through several European countries. Typical routes include Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. To get to the UK, trucks must cross the English Channel. This can be done by ferry or Eurotunnel. In the case of a tunnel, trucks are transported by train across the canal.

General cargo (LTL)

Direct delivery of less than truck load (LTL) freight in the United Kingdom. For smaller shipments, our Less than Truck Load services provide cost-effective solutions. We consolidate multiple shipments in a single truck, offering flexibility and cost savings for businesses of all sizes.

Full trucks (FTL)

Benefit from our Full Truck Load services for larger shipments. With a fleet of modern and well-maintained vehicles, we provide dedicated transportation solutions, optimizing capacity and minimizing transit times. 

Sea transport (FCL)

Several shipping routes connect Polish ports with ports in the United Kingdom. Common routes may include those connecting the Baltic Sea with the North Sea and the English Channel. We offer sea container transport (FCL) to major ports in the UK, Northern Ireland and Scotland (i.e. London Thamesport and also, Teesport, Manchester, Tilbury, Grangemouth, Belfast). We always look for the best solution for the client. Sea transport from Poland to the UK is a greener alternative. Sometimes it also allows you to save on freight costs.

Temperature-Controlled Transport

Ensure the integrity of your temperature-sensitive cargo with our specialized temperature-controlled transport services. We maintain precise temperature conditions throughout the journey to meet the unique requirements of your goods.

Exporting goods to the UK - customs clearance

One of the most important aspects of exporting to the UK is customs clearance. We offer comprehensive customs clearance services to ensure a smooth process. Our highly qualified specialists will provide professional advice and take care of all formalities, from documentation to customs permit procedures. With our experience and knowledge of local customs regulations, we can simplify and speed up the customs clearance process, minimizing the risk of delays and other difficulties.

Distribution within the UK

After clearing customs, the goods are unloaded and can be transported further within the UK. Distribution may involve using various modes of inland transportation, such as trucks or trains, to reach the final destination.

Postal code overview for UK

Navigating the intricate web of postal codes in the United Kingdom is a crucial aspect of our precision-driven logistics solutions. Explore the map below to discover the extensive coverage and strategic reach of our road freight services connecting Poland, the continent, and the UK.

UK postcode map

Rates for transport from and to the UK

How much does freight to or from the United Kingdom cost? Send us a price request and you will receive a quote without obligation.

Piotr Kaleńczuk

Piotr Kaleńczuk

General Manager Poland
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Joanna Chmielińska

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