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Weekly shipments from Poland to Norway – from 1 pallet to full containers

Our unique and innovative logistics solution for the transport of freight from Poland to Norway has been launched. We focus on regular and predictable deliveries and lower CO2 emissions. The service is suitable for both groupage and full container loads.

Groupage loads are collected from all over Poland during the week and consolidated in a warehouse in Gdynia. We need a maximum of 48 hours to transport the cargo from anywhere in Poland to Gdynia. Cargo leaves the port of Gdynia every Friday night and reaches Norway by sea every Monday. From the next day, we can distribute your cargo throughout Norway. This gives our clients the highest regularity and predictability.



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Transport to Norway - single shipments and full container loads

The service is dedicated to shipments from 1 pallet, and even single packages (LCL). Of course, we also offer full container load transport (FCL). This means flexibility. You pay for the cargo space you need. Thanks to the optimization of the supply chain, even a single shipment fits perfectly in our logistics process.

Use sea instead of road – reduce CO2 emissions

less CO2 emissions when transporting loads from Gdynia to Oslo

By choosing our solution you also choose a more environmentally friendly way of transport. For example, by transporting one container load from Gdynia to Oslo, you can cut your CO2e emissions up to 71% by using sea instead of road. This way your business takes more social responsibility.

Do you export goods from Poland to Norway? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Piotr Kaleńczuk

Piotr Kaleńczuk

General Manager Poland