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New biogas-powered trucks in Sweden

ColliCare Logistics works with environmental transport in different ways for a sustainable future. For us, working together with our customers for sustainable transport to a greener future is essential.

Green transformation of road transport

We want to offer more environmentally friendly alternatives such as sea, rail and biogas-powered road transport. In the future, be able to offer sustainably throughout the entire production chain. For us, it is vital that "Last Miles" should also be green.

This is why we are investing in changing our traditional road transport with biogas-powered trucks.

We already have vehicles that run on electricity. We can proudly show off our first four Scania trucks that run on vehicle gas "LBG" which just arrived at our Swedish department.

Green transformation is important both for our customers and us. We ordered ten trucks in the first round, and now the demand from customers is high after the first four biogas trucks are ready. So more trucks are needed. It's great that our customers appreciate our project for a more sustainable future with more environmentally friendly transport options. - says Kenjiro, Product Manager Domestic Sweden

Do you also want to be part of our project for a greener transition? And contribute with more environmentally friendly transport for a greener future? Contact Us!